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Drainage Clean Up


At some point of our lives we have seen a toilet that won't flush, a kitchen sink that is clogged and filled with water, or a bath tub not draining fast enough.

Do you know reasons behind the clogs? How can you prevent this from happening?

Most of us have seen signs saying: “ Do not flush toilet tissues “. One of the number one causes for clogs are the flushing of paper towels or toilet paper. Once flushed into the sewer system the tissue reacts with soap and grease and becomes hardened resulting in clogged the sewer pipes. Garbage Disposal also create a lot of clogging issues, specifically in kitchen sinks, due to the amount of soap, grease, and food waste.

How about Sewer back up.

It’s good practice to inspect your sewer system at least every two years when sewer pipes are new. In the case of older houses made of cast iron sewer pipes, we strongly recommend an inspection once a year to avoid sewer back up.

At All Cool Heat Plumbing & General Contractor, we have the technology to see inside sewer pipes to diagnosis any potential sewer blockage and fix pipes even when they are underground.

Check our camera system out:

Our Services Include

  • A full diagnosis of the pipes (Visual)

  • Clean and unclogging of the pipes

  • Adjusting piping both above and below ground

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