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How Avoid been ripped off by Unlicense Contractors

Do not be ripped off by Unlicensed Contractors

We all have seen those sad histories about how people get ripped off by people acting as Contractor’s without a License, and how they collect money and then disappear. We see this over and over throw the news, all around the country. How to avoid this kind of Scams ? One of the red flag is when they said, “ You do not need Pull a Permit “ or When they asking you as Home owner to apply for a Building permit ? We strong recommend ask. Are you License Contractor ? Second verified their legal name or Business name. another way is asking to show their Contractor License. You will be surprise how created they are giving you excuses to avoid those requirements.

How avoid be scams by unlicensed Contractors

There are a few questions you shall ask before sign any Contract as:

  • Are you a License Contractor ?

  • Show me your License Number

  • How long have you been on Business

  • When you going to pull a building permit ?

  • Ask to get a written Contract showing Business Name, Contractor License on it.

    Tips for Deal with Unlicensed People.

    Verified the information provide before paid any money. How you can verified their Contractor licensed ? It’s simple go to and search for Contractors or call this number: 850-487-1395 if you live by Florida State. If you live by others states we recommended Call Building Department near you and verified the information provider. If you do this before paid any money the possibilities to be scams will be cero. Always is better prevent than complain…

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