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How Air Conditioning works

How Central Air Conditioning works:

How air conditioning works ? We will explain how commercial air conditioning works or residential air conditioning, we can said that’s air conditioning are as a big refrigerator in fat, employs the same types of components as a refrigerant that changes from liquid to gas and back to liquid as it travels through a system of tubes , coil or fins that collect and give off heat. As it goes through cycles, it got heat from one place and transfer it to another. At the same time , it create cold in one place and delivery that chill to another. in the case of air conditioning that place receiving the cold is the air handler (split System) or furnace cabinet that is equipped with a blower that pushed the chilled air throughout ducts to your office or home. Commercial Air Conditioning are typically called Package units where both Air Handler and Condenser are located in the same box separated by interior walls.

Main components of Air Conditioning systems:

Split system are the one most popular, usually installed in homes they have four main components as:

  • Air Handler (inside unit )

  • Condenser unit (outside unit)

  • Ducts ( Path of chiller or hot air)

  • Thermostat Control

    Commercial Roof Package units:

  • Roof Package unit

  • Ducts / Fresh air/ Dampers

  • Thermostat Control

    Commercial air conditioning units comes also as: Air Cooler, Water Cooler, Chillers, Heat pump, Straight Cool and more.

    Tips for Commercial Air Conditioning Systems

  • Preventive Maintenances is the main key to maintain your equipment working efficiency

  • Air Balance Unbalanced Commercial Air Conditioning create a lot of uncomfortable issues

  • Phase Sequence monitor. A devise who will save you compressor of fail premature

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