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The Complete Inspection at Home or Business

If you want to find out exactly What’s behind, beneath, above, and around the home. We recommend hire All Cool Heat Plumbing & General Contractor Inc. We evaluate the condition of the home or condominium, apartment or Building Inside and out. Precise Step by Step procedures to inspect your mayor Investment. But we are not limited to inspect only we also provide the solution at any issue found and we will able to fixed. Our Company count with a combination of Contractors as HVAC - Plumbing - General Contractors all this Professional trade are part of our business.

Is that home or condominium apartment you plan or buying a true bargain or an overpriced “ handyman’s Special “ ? We strong recommend to find out what are you buying and pay for before your Investment become a big lose of money and Frustrations..

At All Cool Heat Plumbing & General Contractors we count with the knowledge, experienced and technologic to help you in the process of buying a real State property…

Check point summary

  • When approaching the house, take note of the overall topography

  • Inspect for cracked and heaved sections, check for loose, deteriorated and missing mortar joints.

  • Inspect shrubbery for overcrowding, dying sections, blocked walkways, steps

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