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Gas lines for Restaurants and Residential locations

It is extremely important that you choose professionals that have experience in installing Natural or LP gas. Certified Quality has been doing gas for a while as demonstrated in the gallery link on 

Here's what we do  

  1. We ensure that our gas lines are abiding the Florida Code. 
  2. Each install is tested thoroughly in case of any leaks or loose pipes  
  3. We use both Teflon and Pipe compound to provide a tight seal and to lessen the chances of a leak in the future. 
  4. A coat of paint is added upon the clients request when the job is complete.  
  5. All inspections are passed and Certified. 
  6. We come early and leave late on all our projects.  
  7. We handle hooking up all appliances such as, fryers and stoves, so you won't have to worry.  

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