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Kitchen Hoods, Installation steps, and how to get started!

Kitchen hoods can be tedious in the stages of opening a restaurant or business. They are huge, need a lot of permits, and require tons of man hours to install properly. Here are a few steps/questions that can set you on the right track! 

  1. Do you have a layout or blueprint for the site? This is necessary for the city or county that your future restaurant is located in.

  2. Know the kind of hood you need. What kind of restaurant are you wanting to open? Is it solely a pizza place? What and how many appliances do you need to use? Hint; for fryers and stoves you will need a type II kitchen hood. 

  3. Hoods can be pricey. Make sure the hood is certified! 

  4. Know that the Installation will be pricey as well. 

  5. Get the right size.. Very Crucial.

  6. Once approved, you will need a General Contractor to pull the permits, a Mechanical License, a Fire Suppression System, a Plumbing License for gas hoods, and an Electrician. Yes, there are a lot of trades involved.

  7.  After inspections are passed and your restaurant is ready start cooking! 

The Sky is the Limit!