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Walk-in Cooler/ Freezers

Walk-in Coolers - Freezer Repairs In Orlando and Near you

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Emergency Repair Services on the same day for your Commercial Walk-in Coolers/ Freezers. We know how expensive it can be to waste produce. Since 1999, we have provided dependable Repairs -Services - Installations in the Central Florida Area. We understand the importance of getting your business back and running again when it is so dependent on your Refrigeration system. That’s why when you call us you will be able to speak with a live technician over the phone (407-461-0301). All Our technician are trained to handle technical issues and quote you up front after troubleshooting your Walk-in Cooler/ Freezer. We charge a minimum fee for the Service Call or Emergency to cover travel expenses, including standard $65.00 service fee and $120.00 of the clock emergencies.

Signs of needing a new Walk-in Cooler - When a service is not enough!

  1. Frozen Unit

  2. Refrigerant Leak (typically more than 2 times)

  3. Water Lseaks to the infrastructure of the Cooler/Freezer

  4. Health Concerns (Mold) from improper installation

  5. Age

Fact Check: What do you need to do to install a walking Cooler?

  1. Permits: For new Walk-in Coolers some counties and cities require a general contractor or mechanical contractor.

  2. Proper conditions (i.e., electrical connections, breakers, etc.)

  3. A professional company that has all the trades you will ever need! (you are two-thirds there).

What are walk-in coolers made of? DID YOU KNOW:

FOAMED-in-place polyurethane; This is the insulation commonly used for walk-in Coolers and Freezers. It’s made in USA and is proven successful in the Industry for 25 years. All insulation shall be 4” thick, high quality, rigid polyurethane. 2.2 Lb. of density for Cooler.

Today all Walk-in Coolers and Freezers must meet UL foam core 20 flame spread rating with an average smoke rating less than 450. (ASTM E-84) UL 1715 Certified listed with Intertek/ETL. If your new Walk-Cooler/ Freezer does not meet this standard it wont be approved by your City or County. That is why some old Walk-in Cooler and Freezer do not meet new regulations and cannot be reinstalled as new one. Here at All Cool Heat Plumbing & General Contractor Inc we been Installed thousands for local restaurants, hotel, schools, gas stations, churches, you name it… CHECK OUT WHAT OLD WALK-IN COOLERS LOOK LIKE! YUK!




Walk in Cooler and Freezer Installation

Walk-in Coolers and Freezers are one of the most important essential appliances of in the produce industry. At All Cool Heat Plumbing & General Contractor Inc. we specialize in the Installation and Maintenance of Walk-in Cooler and Freezer. Contact Us

How install a Walk-in Cooler and Freezer:

We strongly recommend giving us a call and meeting with us in the site where you are planning to installation for a more accurate quote. There are two main kind of refrigeration system for your Walk-in Cooler and Freezer as: Split System where you have an evaporator inside of the box and the Condenser unit on top of it - in the roof or outside of the building.

Who is involved in the Installation of a Walk-in Cooler and Freezer

A combination of Construction trades are involved the process of the installation: HVAC-R - Electrical Contractor - Sprinkler Contractors. That’s why it’s very crucial how you plan your installation. A lower price may mean, other trades are left out, and you may experience major set backs. We have you covered, providing you with the materials and the professionals to complete the installation from the beginning. We are rooting for your business, call us for a quote! Give us a Call at (407)461-0301




Your refrigeration equipment’s does more than keep your food cool and safe. It’s the most important and necessary in your kitchen, and when they stop working, this effects your bottom line. We offer services on: Ice Machines repair, Water Filtration, Ice Machine Sanitary, Prep Tables, Steam Tables, Refrigerators, Wine Coolers, and more.

Commercial Refrigeration repair - Commercial Refrigerator repair - Beer Coolers, - Display Meat, - Flower Cooler.


How Can save money?

Preventive care is the way to go. You have heard this throughout the insurance industry. Though for us this is not a ploy. We would hate for you to lose thousands on an unexpected major issue, and anticipation is the name of the game. We save your unit information in our systems, and have options for the worst case scenarios. Preventive maintenance lets your systems replenish their hard work. Contact us : (407) 461-0301 for an affordable plan that works for you.