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Air Conditioning and Heating Services and Repairs

We offer a quick diagnosis of your system

We can all agree Florida has interesting weather. Often times capacitors, transformers, relays, timers, compressors, valves, and other electrical components become damaged due to age, climate, and/or faulty parts. Our goal is to be at your door step in less than 2 hours!


Local Air Conditioning Installations

Same day scheduled air conditioning installations in apopka and altamonte springs florida

Fresh off the palate, and new out of the box! Our technicians are all EPA certified, and pride themselves in quick and efficient air conditioning installations. Inside and outside AC units are picked up from local suppliers, and transported to the work site, installed, and are guaranteed with one year of labor and manufactures warranty upon system registration. We are not limited to your location. Give us a call If it’s time for an upgrade!


Commercial and Residential Ducts

we are about industry standards + our technicians = sealed effective ducts

Ducts are similar to the lungs in our bodies. They supply and return air in a cycle, and are very important to the efficiency, effectiveness, and overall durability of your Air Conditioning System. Save on your utility bill with a duct cleaning and/or a replacement of your ducts. Overtime, even the best material can result in air leaks. Ensure your ducts today! We are not afraid of the heat, discomfort, and insects found in your attic, if it means your system will be working at full strength!

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AC Preventive Maintenance Agreements

When to hire a professional for preventive maintenance

As we know, AC emergency repairs and installations, can be an unexpected expenditure! Preventive maintenance agreements ensure the full functionality of your AC unit, and help prevent expensive damages. How can an AC unit break ? There are various common scenarios, but most of them start with low levels of refrigerant. This can lead to the AC compressor to burn out, hence, costing close to the same price to invest in a new unit to begin with! Check out our check list for a list of things you can do to ensure full system functionality, and a list of things a hired technician should do! For pricing click “Learn More” below to chat with a professional (rates are dependent on location).