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Code Violations

Make sure you are hiring the right contractors for your projects. Code Violations, both in commercial and residential locations.

The risks of hiring an unlicensed contractor

Who doesn’t want to save money? Sure you have heard it time and time again. Your neighbor hires a “handy man” that ends up completing work that involves specific permits limited to contractors (e.g., air condition installations). Now the city or county finds out and your neighbor is in a heap of trouble! Thankfully in this scenario, the costs are not as steep as other situations.

Can you imagine the costs of redoing a plumbing job or an addition to your home or business?

Hire a professional, because they money your are saving with the cheap guy, is not worth it. You will literally do the job twice, and we have seen in worse case scenarios cost your business to plunge.

What happens in a code violation?

Straight from the city website:

“After a Code Enforcement Officer observes a violation and discovers it has not been corrected, a hearing is scheduled. There are two governing boards – think of them as two different “judges” – set up under state law that take testimony and evidence, and determine if a property is in violation. A property owner found in violation is given a specific period of time to correct the violation or a fine starts accumulating for every day the violation exists. Fines can range up to $1,000 per day. Liens are filed against the property as well.”

Yikes! That one hurt…

For more comprehensive information click the link below or consultant with your city or county:

Why hire us?

  1. We are licensed (crucial for any type of work on your home or business)

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